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OK!FUN! Colorful logo 2021

OK!FUN!Event Band

Our Story

How it all began.

Thanks for checking out Vancouver's Newest and Coolest Cover Band, I'm Paul Filek.

OK!FUN! was formed in February of 2020 to distinguish my original music projects from my work as a professional entertainer. My journey began in Kamloops, British Columbia, 39 years ago.

Growing up, I was lucky to have access to a wide variety of instruments I could experiment with. Although I was gifted with piano lessons at an early age I was eventually 'fired' by my teacher as I did not practice. Essentially, the music I was learning was unappealing. I was encouraged to study the Royal Conservatory of Music instead of learning fun songs I could relate to from the radio. At this young age, I realized I didn't want to be traditional and preferred listening to and playing new music.

At the age of 21, I found myself at a friend's house. This is where I had my first experience performing. In the presence of liquid courage and an out-of-tune guitar, I began horribly strumming the three chords I knew, making up rhymes, and making fun of the people around me. My desire to perform for people has not ceased since that day.

I barely had a place to call home between 2007-2014. After releasing three albums and one EP, I found myself performing hundreds of shows across Canada every year. I sold upwards of 10,000 CDs, I was the supporting act for Ziggy Marley, Jully Black, Carly Rae Jepsen, INXS, STYX, TROOPER, and I had a song in the Canadian Adult Contemporary top 100. (#84 - FALLING FOR YOU)

I moved to Vancouver, BC, in 2011. As I settled down, the Paul Filek band began to resemble a cover band. It was awesome to be able to settle in one place while still earning a living as an artist. Additionally, it was upsetting because it felt like my dreams of becoming a singer songwriter were slipping away. It also became very  confusing for my fans. Performing weekly at venues like the Fairmont Pacific Rim Lobby Lounge some people would come expecting original music, while others would come to expect covers. To solve this problem I created OK!FUN! Event Band.    

Paul Filek sitting in a brown leather chair looking at the camear in a blue suit with a white shirt and blue tie. Paul Filek is also written in text along the left side of the photo

Paul Filek

CEO - All things FUN

Cover Band

At its core OK!FUN! is a five piece cover band comprising of Drums, Keyboards, Bass, Electric Guitar, and Acoustic Guitar/Lead Vocals. Officially, the band does not have members, however I have been playing with the same group of musicians since as early as 2014.  With their high-level talent comes high-level demand. Being some of the best musicians in Vancouver, they are sometimes unavailable because they are on tour, in the studio, or have other band commitments.  

Like Queen said, The Show Must Go On! The relationships I have formed, and the relationships I developed during my career, have given OK!FUN! Event Band a large pool of world class musicians from which to choose.  I have the highest of standards and only work with professionals who truly love and respect their craft.  If we aren't excited to play, how are we supposed to get you excited to dance?  We treat every event as if it we were the ones celebrating.