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Vancouver's Favourite Cover Bands for hire

Wedding Music

Event and Wedding Band

'My Gift is my song and this one is for you'

-Sir Elton John

The Soundtrack For Your Special Day

You can always expect a spectacular performance by professional musicians when you hire Vancouver based wedding band OK!FUN!

Our performances and your speeches will be aided by a professional sound system and a dedicated sound engineer.

Your wedding music should be uniquely personal, and we aim to make it so. Tell us your three favourite songs and we will learn them.

With Fun Party hits of today, you'll spend all three hours dancing with us to music from the  90's to now.

You will hear Artists like Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, and others on the Top 40 -Pop/Country Charts.

Watch  videos →

What to expect

When Hiring OK!FUN! Event and Wedding Band.



A professional sound system for band, background music and for your speeches



A dedicated sound engineer for your speeches and for our performance



Ambient lighting for performance area and dance floor


3.5 hours of Dancing

2 sets of upbeat and energetic music performed over 3.5 hours.

Set 1 - 90 minutes

           - 30 minute break

Set 2 - 90 minutes


90s to NOW

Top 40 + Pop/Country


Party Band

Performing as a 5 or 6 Piece Party Band (With, or Without, a co-lead Female Singer)

Drums • Bass • Keys • Electric Guitar • Acoustic Guitar/Lead Vocals • Female Co-Lead Vocals


Song Requests

We will learn 3 special song requests to ensure you have added your personal touch.


Party Mix

A dance mix to play through our sound system during our breaks to ensure the party keeps on rocking even when we aren't. Alternatively, you can provide a Spotify playlist with your favourite tunes.

Our Song List

The 90's To Now - Focusing on Todays Current Sound

Check out our Spotify playlist titled "OK!FUN! Event and Wedding Band - Vancouver, British Columbia" for a list of cover songs we are currently performing.  

We are always learning new songs, so our list is always changing, but that's part of the fun of Ok!Fun!  

We love playing the songs and sounds of today.

Let us know what songs you think we should add, we'd love to hear your suggestions. 

And don't forget, everytime you hire Ok!Fun! we will learn three song requests for your wedding day. 



Ceremony And Cocktail Hours

Live music is an awesome way to enhance a romantic setting like your wedding ceremony or cocktail hour. Over the past 17 years, I have had the great honor of performing at close to 100 weddings.

It has become a true passion of mine to help these special moments come alive through music while creating lifelong memories for you and your loved ones. With that comes an overwhelming sense of pride as nothing is more fulfilling than witnessing the love of two people as they prepare to say their vows in front of their closest friends and family.  

Here at OK!FUN! we are in the business of making smiles. Every bride and every groom has their own unique story and with that comes their own unique vision. Whatever you have in mind for music on your wedding day, we will find a way to accommodate it.

Imagine walking down the aisle to the person of your dreams while your favorite song is being played acoustically, signing your wedding vows to the dreamy sounds of a jazz trio, or enjoying champagne at cocktail hour while singing along to the sounds of a one man band in the style of Ed Sheeran.

Tell us your dream and we will work with you to make it a reality.

Our wedding services include the following :

Wedding Ceremony Cocktail hour

Acoustic One Man Band

Acoustic guitar + vocals

Instrumental music

Instrumental jazz trio

Party band



Acoustic + Vocals

Everything sounds better on a acoustic guitar

Playing the guitar and singing has been an endless source of passion for me for the past 19 years. My heart has always melted for acoustic versions of songs over the radio versions.

When you strip back a song to its bare bones, you are able to hear and feel its true emotions. I believe this to be even more magical during a wedding ceremony.

As a performer, I take pride in learning the songs you wish to hear. I also take pleasure in finding ways to end the songs romantically instead of abruptly.

Your wedding music and ceremony will be perfect with live acoustic songs and passionate vocals.

Watch More Acoustic + Vocals Videos→

The Modern Day One Man Band

In the style of Ed Sheeran

One man. One guitar. One heck of a good time.

Inspired by the amazing talents of Ed Sheeran, I have created an eye stopping, ear popping, beat dropping experience.

Using only my RiverSong Acoustic Guitar, my vocals, and my Boss Rc300 loop station pedal, I create a band live on stage without the use of any pre-recorded backing tracks.


The perfect accompaniment for your cocktail hour.

Watch More One Man Band Videos→

What we need from you

1 )Venue power supply must be made available to us for free.

2) A minimum of two outlets, each on a separate breaker, is required

3) 31 day prior to engagement, the full amount is due.

4) Requests for songs must be made 31 days prior to the engagement. The sooner the better

5) An itinerary for the evening

6) Contact with your wedding planner

7) Signed Contract

8) Water on stage for the band

9) Enjoy the show and dance your socks off

Your wedding is a major undertaking, and we understand that.  

Here at OK! FUN! We aim to make hiring the band as easy and stress-free as possible.

For answers to some questions you may already have, please see our frequently asked questions section.

The way you dress is a reflection of how you view your work and how others see you and your company.  We Dress to Impress.

Fun is our last name, but it should really be our first!

We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and we will travel anywhere around the world, including to Mexico, Hawaii, Surrey, North Vancouver, Kamloops, and Kelowna.

We are in the business of making smiles and we can't wait to see yours.