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Vancouvers Favourite Cover Band


Event and Wedding Band

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Will you learn a song for our first dance?

Yes, we insist on learning three songs of your choice whenever you hire Ok!Fun! This could be used for your first dance, or we could simply add them to the evening's setlist


Q: Can we use your microphone for speeches?

Yes, we will have a microphone dedicated for your speeches. Additionally, a sound technician will be on hand to assist you if any problems arise.


Q: Can we add a horn section?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to add a horn section to the band


Q: How much space do you require? And do you require a stage?

Ideal dimensions are 14ft long x 12ft wide or larger. Despite this, any space can be made to work. It's great to rock on a stage, but we don't have one and we don't require one.


Q: Do we need to feed the band?

Yes.  We usually arrive at the venue in the early afternoon and won't be able to leave until the early morning hours. Other dinner options are not always available to us, so we ask that a meal be provided.


Q: How long do you perform for?

We perform three hours of music over three and a half hours.

Set 1 : 90 minutes

30 minute break

Set 2 : 90 minutes


Q: When does the band start?

This is completely up to you and your schedule on the day. For evening events, we find it's often best to start the band at around 8:30/9pm but this is purely a guide. For weddings, We will work with your wedding planner and be ready for the reception once the speeches have ended.


Q: Does the quoted price come with a sound system?

Yes. After we know the number of guests attending your event, the size of your room, we will provide you with a quote that includes the price of the sound equipment. Each show is also accompanied by a professional sound technician.


Q: How long does it take for you to set up? And when do you set up?

Setup of our sound system, a sound check, and final preparations for the show takes about 4 hours. Our team always works with venue and party planners to schedule a set up time that is convenient for both of them. We understand that every event is unique, and has its own unique set up time. We never want to be setting up or making noise while photos or other important events are taking place. Once our setup is complete, we can't move.


Q: Will the band require refreshments?

We request that the band is provided with water for the stage, and if possible soft drinks and coffee in the dressing room.


Q: How Do I confirm a Booking?

A small deposit of 25% will be be required, payable by email transfer. As well as a Signed and returned contract with your full address, contact details and venue address. The contract will include an invoice with payment details, including the deposit payment.


Q: What type of payment do you accept

Preferred method by Email transfer or money wire. We also accept cheque, cash, and credit card payments.


Q: What will the band wear?

The way you dress is a reflection of how you view your work and how others see you and your company.  We Dress to Impress.  Unless your event has a specific theme, we will always wear trendy suits.


Q: Does the quoted price include travel costs and expenses?

Travel expenses are included in all quotes, except for accommodations, and in some cases flights. In most cases, the Client has preferred rates on hotel rooms and we find it easier to complete these bookings without the stress of finding a place to stay on our own.


Q: Will the band travel outside of Vancouver, BC ?

A: OK!FUN! will travel anywhere in the world to perform for your great event. If a working permit is required, all permit fees must be covered by the client.


Q: I don't like country music. Do you have to play it?

A: We can easily exclude country songs from our playlist; simply let us know in advance and we'll update the set list.


Q: Do you have a song list we can look at?

Please check out our spotify playlist "Ok!Fun!Event and Wedding Band" to see the current list of songs we are playing.


Q: Is your entertainment limited to wedding receptions?

We perform at a variety of different types of events and parties, including all aspects of weddings. Beautiful live music can be arranged for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. Please let us know what you had in mind, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Our wedding services include the following :

Solo Acoustic + vocal


one man band

Instrumental music

Instrumental jazz trio

Party Band

We also perform regularly for Corporate functions, Private events, and Charity fundraisers.


Q: Do you offer a DJ service?

Technically we do not offer a Dj Service, however we will play "DJ" style party playlists on our break without any additional charge.  You can create your own spotify playlist for us to play, or we can provide one for you.

If you prefer a DJ, we can suggest Martin and the team at SoundStripe Music CO. They are amazing!


Q: My questions isn't on this list.

If you have any more questions please contact us today and we will get back to you right away.

Fun is our last name, but it should really be our first!

We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and we will travel anywhere around the world, including to Mexico, Hawaii, Surrey, North Vancouver, Kamloops, and Kelowna.

We are in the business of making smiles and we can't wait to see yours.